Horn Quartets and Ensembles

Horn Quartet and Ensemble Competitions

In a Horn Quartet or Horn Ensemble? Want to compete for a chance to perform in a featured pre-concert event? Interested in winning prizes? Apply here!

IHS LA 2015 Horn Quartet and Horn Ensemble Competitions

There are two divisions within the Horn Quartet Competition and Horn Ensemble competition: Non-Professional and Professional. 

Competitions Divisions: Non-Professional & Professional


Prepare between 10 minutes (minimum) to 25 minutes (maximum) of music. When picking your group's repertoire, please include each of the following: 

  • One work originally written for a quartet or ensemble (not an arrangement).
  • One work from the Film, Pop, or Jazz genre (arrangement is fine). 
  • One work that represents either the Baroque or Classical era (arrangement is fine). 
  • Any other selections that show off the group and fit within the above time guidelines. 

Dates To Know:

  • Registration Form Opens: February 15, 2015
  • Registration Form Closes: July 1, 2015
  • Competition Date: Sunday, August 2, 2015 (morning) 


  • TBA - from list of Artists 

Prizes Include:

  • Slot to perform in a featured pre-concert event (i.e. Hollywood Bowl, Featured Concerts, etc.)
  • Coaching by an IHS LA 2015 Artist
  • Prizes from Vendors
  • Bragging rights for the duration of IHS LA 2015 (and beyond...)

Horn Quartet and Ensemble Competition Rules & Regulations:

  • Quartets and Ensembles entering the competition must be registered for IHS LA 2015 by July 1, 2015. 
  • Quartets and Ensembles do not have to perform a work in its entirety. They may choose a movement or two of the work instead. 
  • All competitors are responsible for his/her own travel, room and board, IHS LA 2015 registration, etc. 
  • The competition will be held on Sunday, August 2 between 9 am and noon.
  • The term "ensemble" means any five or more horn players; however, pieces should be performed for the intended instrumentation (no doubling of parts should take place). If your ensemble has 10 people, make sure the pieces are written for 10 players. 
  • Anyone submitting a proposal as a group should designate one person to be the main contact for the group. The main contact is the person that should complete this form and include his/her contact information. 
  • The IHS LA 2015 Horn Quartet and Ensemble Competition Committee has the right to cancel a winner at no cost to the IHS LA 2015 Symposium if the winner fails to abide by all Horn Quartet and Ensemble Competition Rules and Regulations.
  • Competitors will be given time in the hall on the morning of Sunday, August 2, 2015, where the competition will be held.
  • For those wishing to apply both as a quartet and an ensemble, please submit separate forms. 
  • A ceremony (date TBD) will be held during IHS LA 2015 where all winners will be honored. 
  • The term “professional” is defined here as anyone that is/was paid regularly to play their horn. Students still in school who are transitioning into the professional scene may apply to either area. Non professional ensembles may compete in the professional division; however, professionals may not compete in the non-professional division.
  • Participants may compete in a maximum of one quartet and one ensemble.
  • Quartets should perform without a conductor. Large ensembles may be led by a conductor.
  • Each ensemble will receive written adjudicators' comments on their performance. 
  • If there are any questions, please email: ihsla2015@gmail.com.

Horn Quartet and Ensemble Competition Form

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US Cell Phone Number of Competitor/Main Group Contact (if applicable)
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