Tuesday, August 4

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Lecture (Wellness)

  • Colburn School, Mayman Hall 200 S Grand Ave Los Angeles, CA, 90012 United States (map)

Aston-Patterning®- A New Paradigm for Optimizing Performance through Improved Body Usage

Presenter: Amanda Skidmore Farasat

Inefficient body usage not only inhibits peak performance, but also can shorten musicians’ careers by triggering overuse injuries and other performance related musculoskeletal disorders (PRMD). Aston-Patterning® is an innovative system of bodywork, ergonomics and movement education that can be a powerful tool for improving body mechanics, preventing and correcting PRMD, increasing professional longevity, and enhancing musical performance.

Content in these participatory workshops (Monday, Tuesday, and Friday) will vary from session to session, though each workshop will cover the basic concepts of body awareness and neutral body alignment. Based upon participant interest and need, other topics can include: 

  • determining your best ergonomic set up for any chair 
  • movement exercises for warm-up, warm-down, and mid-rehearsal/performance wake-up 
  • optimizing resonance: using full-body cooperative movement to raise the horn to the body, thereby maintaining relaxation through the ribcage, shoulder girdle and neck

Attendees should bring their instrument and a thick bath towel.